Travertine is by far the most popular stone for home and commercial use. Its warm colours and beautiful finish have made it a long-time favourite. It belongs to the same 'family' of stone (calcium carbonate) as Limestone and Marble and is in the middle of the three in terms of hardness.

The finest quality Travertine is dense and consistent in colour with blending colour tones and little or no dark veining or banding.

All Travertine when quarried has surface imperfections. This is part of its character and adds to the beauty of the natural stone!

At Stone & Tile Studio we pride ourselves on sourcing Travertine from only the best quarries world-wide. Each piece is meticulously cut and honed and we request our factories to produce the Travertine with, ideally, no more than 10-15% surface fill area per tile, and to only to use the hardest, highest quality, colour-matched materials (a mix of kaolin, cement and colour pigment to match the stone colour, and that will also last for life).

Sizes available:

Stock lines.

457 x 457 x 12mm Honed and filled, light and mid colours
610 x 610 x 12mm Honed and filled, light and mid colours
305 x 610 x 30mm Bullnose to match. Honed

Also available on request.
500 x 500mm, 610 x 406mm, customized sizes, profiles and bullnoses (indented).