Quiet. Wood is telling its story.
Wood creaking in the wind, groaning under the weight of our steps...
Ergon has responded to its message and given it a new life, conserving its voice.
A voice that tells tales we must listen to in silence...


Browsing throught the new trends, we have identified a new type of wood being chosen by a large number of architects and interior designers: dead wood, which died on the tree. This type of wood derives its appeal above all from the mystery of its origins, and also from its distinctive colouring. We therefore started an investigation of the natural processes that dead wood undergoes to acquire all its complex colour and patterning.


The colouring of deadwood is created not by the type of wood and the way it is varnished but by oxidation, which creates completely original, unique shades. Different oxidations produce different colours.

We therefore imagines a porcelain floor covering created by bringing together lots of different types of woods which had aquired the same colour shades by undergoing the same oxidation process. In our slabs, we recreated the effects caused by rainwater seepage, the passing seasons, sun and salt spray.


Part of the mysterious appeal of dead wood is also due its raw, bare surface. We have studied its details, and transferred it to a ceramic covering material, retaining its modern planed finish and raw tactile effect, while making it easily cleanable and convenient.

For Wood Talk, we have developed an immutable high-tech finish: the patterning is impressed directly onto the porcelain tile body and protected by a blend of carefully selected grits, specifically for zones with heavy traffic.

Sizes available: 900 x 225 planks.