Inalco Ceramica

Inalco is one of the greatest innovators in the entire porcelain ceramic tile industry. They lead the way in a number of groundbreaking techniques like:


This revolutionary new treatment offers long-lasting protection from grease, dirt and damp and creates cleaner, purer, more hygienic living, working and public spaces.

The tiles are factory-treated once fired and still at a temperature of 70C - 90C. A chemical reaction occurs when the CLEAN product is applied at this temperature, bonding it to the glazed ceramic surface. The tiles now repel grease, dirt and moisture making it less necessary to clean them as often saving labour, water and detergent.

Inalco's CLEANSYSTEM is standard on Inalco 33cm x 100cm and 32cm x 99cm tiles.

Inalco's IPLUS Digital Printing Technology

Any material, be it metal, wood, paper, fabric or stone and any design or drawing can be reproduced on Inalco tiles with this system and no two tiles are exactly alike.

The designs covers the entire tile surface including the edges. High and low reliefs can also be printed, giving the tiles unprecedented realism and authenticity. Inalco's designers have taken full advantage of this to create entirely new ranges of beautiful porcelain ceramic tiles that are both stylistically unique and environmentally superior.