Vintage Wood is Ergon's latest range of stunning floor tiles and planks. There are two sets of design choices - Exotic - beautiful timbers like Iroko, Wenge and Durmast Oak for a strong paneling look, or Scandinavian for the warmth of Beech, Chestnut and Birch for a more intimate atmosphere.

Both of Vintage Wood's design series feature complex, textured surfaces exactly like re-cycled timber. Each colour and texture directly copies the original.

Advanced production techniques including intense pre-compacting and complete vitrification using inert and completely stable materials creates tiles and planks of incredible beauty yet great strength which comply with all ISO 10545 requirements including resistance to thermal shock and bending stress, 0.3% water retention and resistance to food stains.

Vintage Wood can be used in the most sophisticated residential situations and in retail and commercial applications. Each colour and pattern can be mixed and matched to give you an almost infinite number of combinations.