MIKADO tiles feature the elegance and complex surface of laminated wood flooring. They are a true masterpiece of the tile designer and manufacturer's art.

The colours are so perfect and the textures are so accurate that even when you touch a Mikado tile your senses will be torn between believing it to be wood and knowing it to be actually tile.

Mikado is fine porcelain stoneware perfectly fused and compacted, absolutely inert and manufactured with harmless raw materials that do not contain heavy metals (cadmium or lead). Mikado tiles fully comply with bioarchitectural techniques and standards.

They are resistant to frost, (ISO 10545/12), thermal shock (ISO 10545/9), and the effects of acids and bases (ISO 10545/13) and feature a water absorption value (ISO 10545/3) of less than 0.3%. They have and have perfectly straight edges and corners and are also fully resistant to food stains in accordance with CTI-81-7 (Ceramic Tile Institute, USA).

Sizes available: 150 x 600, 300 x 600, 600 x 600. Feature strips are 300 x 600mm

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