Green Tech is the latest product from Ergon and contains no less than 40% recycled materials from the company's ceramic and glass manufacturing processes. This is certified by Bureau Veritas and makes Green Tech a significant contributor to Ergon's already impressive environmental record.

Like all Ergon engineered stone, Green Tech is resistant to frost, (ISO 10545/12), thermal shock (ISO 10545/9), and the effects of acids and bases (ISO 10545/13) and features a water absorption value (ISO 10545/3) of less than 0.3%. All Green Tech tiles have perfectly straight edges and corners and are also fully resistant to food stains in accordance with CTI-81-7 (Ceramic Tile Institute, USA).

There is a stunning colour range of tans, greens and browns, from pale to dark, and each piece is really quite beautiful. It has been used in restaurants, bars, offices showrooms and homes and is yet another example of Ergon's engineered stone technology and beauty.