For over forty years Cerdomus has projected made-in-Italy style and quality on the international markets. Cerdomus is a leading producer of vitrified stoneware tiles whose manufacturing expertise and consolidated technological know-how make it a company capable of setting trends in contemporary interior design, building partnerships and working with designers, offering products which are at the vanguard of technology, and winning the preferences of clients all over the world.

Cerdomus tiles offer exceptional flexibility as they can be used in a vast range of applications: indoors and outdoors, in private homes and public buildings.

They help save on energy costs as they release the heat they absorb, acting like natural radiators to reduce heating costs.

They contribute to energy savings: ceramic tiles are one of the best solutions for ventilated walls as they are mechanically robust and physically resistant to most of the atmospheric agents which cause deterioration. A building lined with our tiles can achieve gains in energy efficiency of up to 30%.

They are resistant to extreme atmospheric conditions, to chemical products, fire, flooding, humidity, variations in temperature and UV radiation. All these qualities make them ideal for use in situations exposed to severe environmental stress.

As a hygienic product, they are ideal for use in sterile environments. They do not absorb odours from smoke or fumes from paint and other contaminant substances, which means they help improve the air quality in interior environments.

They're simple to maintain: hot water and pH-neutral detergent are all that's needed to clean them. Ease of maintenance means reduced costs for the consumer

They are inert and do not give off harmful fumes – therefore they do not add to the level of toxicity of detergent products which are disposed of in the ecosystem after use, such as solvents and chemical products.

They are non-toxic as they contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are emitted into the air before, during and after installation.

They have low environmental impact over their entire life span: from the moment of extraction of the raw materials to the disposal of used tiles, they are 100% recyclable.