Casa Dolce Casa is a young Italian company that has chosen quality and creativity as its distinguishing features.

Established in 1994 at Fiorano Modenese, Casa Dolce Casa (Italian for home sweet home) set its goal at creating products with a natural appearance and an innovative use of colour.

In 2005 Casa Dolce Casa became part of Florim Ceramiche S.p.A., a world-leading company in the ceramic industry

Casa Dolce Casa uses an exclusive technology to create the naturalness and chromatic wealth that make our collections unique. The process, called Casablend, consists in a mechanical procedure that puts together tiles from different production lines.

Ceramic industries usually process a single shade of colour on each production line. Each line has a limited number of possible variations in the colours, graphics and textures that can be obtained.

To make its high-quality collections, Casa Dolce Casa processes the same colour on several production lines. Every line has a number of programmed variations in colours, graphics and textures, that are not duplicated between the different lines. The products are then mixed together in the same package to produce the Casablend effect inspired by the harmony of natural colours.

The products so obtained need no further mixing at the time of laying.